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Ecohydrological control of deep drainage in semiarid regions

Seyfreid, MS, S Schwinning, MA Walvoord, WT Pockman, BD Newman, RB Jackson, FM Phillips
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The amount and spatial distribution of deep drainage (downward movement of water across the bottom of the root zone) and groundwater recharge affect the quantity and quality of increasingly limited groundwater in arid and semiarid regions. We synthesize research from the fields of ecology and hydrology to address the issue of deep drainage in arid and semiarid regions. We start with a recently developed hydrological model that accurately simulates soil -water potential and geochemical profiles measured in thick (>50 m), unconsolidated vadose zones. Model results indicate that, since the climate change that marked the onset of the Holocene period 10,000 to 15,000 years ago, there has been no deep drainage in vegetated interdrainage areas and that continuous, relatively low (

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