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Methods in Ecosystem Science

Sala OE, RB Jackson, HA Mooney, RW Howarth, eds
Springer, NY

Section A: Carbon and Energy Dynamics

1 - Stand Structure in Terrestrial Ecosystems - Frank W. Davis and Dar Roberts
2 - Methods of Estimating Aboveground Net Primary Production - Osvaldo E. Sala and Amy T. Austin
3 - Global Terrestrial Gross and Net Primary Productivity from the Earth Observing System - Steven W. Running, Peter Thornton, Ramakrishna Nemani and Joseph M. Glassy
4 - Methods of Estimating Belowground Net Primary Production - W. K. Lauenroth
5 - The Measurement of Primary Production in Aquatic Ecosystems - R. W. Howarth and A. F. Michaels
6 - Benthic Respiration in Aquatic Sediments - Bo Thamdrup and Donald E. Canfield
7 - Decomposition and Soil Organic Matter Dynamics - G. Phillip Robertson and Eldor A. Paul
8 - Stable Isotope Tracers in Soil Organic Matter Studies - Ronald Amundson and W. Troy Baisden
9 - Microbial Carbon Cycling in Pelagic Ecosystems: Microbial Methods for Ecosystem Scientists - Jonathan J. Cole
10 - Herbivory in Terrestrial Ecosystems - M. Oesterheld and S. J. McNaughton

Section B: Nutrient and Water Dynamics

11 - Canopy Fluxes - J. B. Moncrieff, P.G. Jarvis and R. Valentini
12 - Assessing Ecosystem-level Water Relations through Stable Isotope Ratio Analyses - James R. Ehleringer, John Roden and Todd E. Dawson
13 - Measuring Water Availability and Uptake in Ecosystem Studies - R.B. Jackson, L.J. Anderson and W.T. Pockman
14 - Nutrient Transformations - John M. Stark
15 - Biogenic Trace Gas Exchanges - Pamela Matson and Allen Goldstein
16 - Ecosystem Nutrient Balance and Dynamics - Kate Lajtha
17 - Deposition of Nutrients and Pollutants to Ecosystems - Lars O. Hedin
18 - Landscape and Regional Biogeochemistry: Approaches - Ingrid C. Burke

Section C: Manipulative Ecosystem Experiments

19 - Nutrient Manipulations in Terrestrial Ecosystems - Valerie T. Eviner, F. Stuart Chapin III and Charles E. Vaughn
20 - Biotic Manipulation of Aquatic Ecosystems - Daniel E. Schindler, Brian R. Herwig and Stephen R. Carpenter
21 - Experimental Approaches to Investigate Belowground Animal Diversity - Diana H. Wall and O.J. Reichman
22 - Assessing the Effects of Acidification on Aquatic Ecosystems - Thomas M. Frost and Janet M. Fischer
23 - Large-scale Water Manipulations - Paul J. Hanson
24 - Ecosystem Climate Manipulations - Karin P. Shen and John Harte

Section D: Synthesis and Conclusions

25 - Ecosystem Modelling - H. H. Shugart
26 - Stoichiometric Analysis of Pelagic Ecosystems: The Biogeochemistry of Planktonic Food Webs - James J. Elser
27 - Gaps, Trends and Potential Breakthroug

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