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You Outweigh Me (Measure; 2017)

Authors: Rob Jackson

You Outweigh Me

now, with steroids’ cravings

and no constraints on sweets and beers.

Your scale tops off at seventy-nine

kilograms and years.

And why not? There’s no holding back.

From cordial six to size sixteen

you’ve filled your plate and friends so full

each day is Halloween.

I called your cell from baggage claim.

You parked but let it keep on ringing.

A son would understand that Cheetos

need finishing.

The walnuts rest like tiny brains

in pieces buried in your purse.

Your Reader’s Digest says their flesh

stops Alzheimer’s and worse.

With all the deviled eggs devoured

you dig out turkey bones to strip.

Each sandwich leaves you searching for

some Miracle Whip.

In truth it’s only you who’s coping

with gain and loss and pending heartache.

You’re celebrating each last supper

through Death by Chocolate Cake.

You face with Epicurean peace

malignant growth inside your head.

With grace and taste you choose to pass

your final course by breaking bread.

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